Booking a counselling session

Before embarking on a series of counselling sessions, we require that you undergo an assessment. This will be with a senior counsellor who will be best placed to understand your needs and will then match you with the most appropriate counsellor for future sessions.

How do I book an assessment?
Please select Assessments from the menu, or click on this link  and choose a date and time that works for you. If your circumstances mean that you are not able to afford an assessment session at the listed price, please email us and we will help if we can.

How do I book a counselling session?
After you have had your assessment, you are likely to be offered a regular counselling session within a few weeks, and you will be given a booking link at that time.

How much will I pay for the service?
One of our aims is to be able to offer counselling to anyone who needs it, regardless of ability to pay, but it costs us almost £35 to provide each hour of counselling. We rely almost entirely upon donations so as a guide, we suggest a donation that will help meet our hourly cost.

Can I have fortnightly sessions, or vary my session times?
All sessions are at the same time every week. This is to ensure continuity of work for our counsellors, and to provide a consistent therapeutic relationship for you.

Can I book by phone, or pay in person?
Bookings are usually made via the online system, and sessions will then be paid for in advance at the time of booking. This system enables us to minimise admin costs, and accurately record attendance and payments so our counsellors can be paid appropriately. However we do also provide a phone number for bookings and individual contributions can be discussed with your counsellor.

Are your counsellors volunteers?
Counselling is a profession for which practitioners have several years of training. It is important to us that all our qualified counsellors are paid for their work. We have three counsellors on trainee contracts at present, whom we support in partnership with their training organisations, with a view to them being ready to obtain paid employment on qualification, either here or elsewhere.