How to book a session

Pathways wants to understand your needs and make sure that the service we offer is appropriate for you. We also want you to be sure that you are receiving the right support.
Therefore before embarking on counselling we require that your first session be an initial assessment. At the end of your assessment, you can decide whether you would like to continue. This could be for a few sessions or more depending on your needs.

How much will this cost?

It costs Pathways £35.00 per session to provide this service. We seek to provide professional, affordable counselling, but to enable us to do this, all clients are required to pay for the cost of their sessions. Our aim is not to turn anyone needing counselling away, and so we have a limited number of concessionary places. Any additional contributions which would support this aim would be greatly appreciated.

How do I book a counselling session?

To book an appointment or to cancel a booking please call 07864 127324 or email